Janome Sewing Machine Review: The Janome HD3000 [February 2019]

Its hard to find that perfect sewing machine, and that's why so many sewing enthusiasts always seen to always be on the hunt. For many of us, we are looking for a sturdy, heavy duty sewing machine that is still user-friendly and simple enough to operate.

This is where the Janome HD3000 shines, it is a machine that ticks all boxes in terms of versatility, durability and user friendliness.

The Janome HD3000 is especially great for quilting as it is not only sturdy but also has features which allow you to sew many multiple layers of material together with complete and utter ease.

This sewing machine is suitable for users of all sewing levels and it is extremely flexible with all of its uses.

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Janome Sewing Machines: A Background

Janome is a long-standing, world renown brand that specialises in producing some of the best sewing machines available out on the market.

The brand is incredibly well-known for its innovative technology which is responsible for delivering sewists with the best sewing experience.

Founded in 1950 by Yosaku Ose, this Japanese sewing machine company has always stood at the forefront of the advancements in sewing machines. 

Janome was actually responsible for developing most of the firsts in the sewing machine industry. The world saw the first digital sewing machine, which allowed users to customise its functions, in 1979 with the Janome Memory 7.

However,  it doesn't stop there, Janome is constantly at the forefront of creating new, never-seen-before sewing machines.

In the year of 1990, the Memory Craft 8000 was released to the public and it was the first computerised sewing machine that allowed sewing enthusiasts to create professional embroidery stitches right in the comfort of their very own homes! 

Janome was also the first sewing machine manufacturer to produce sewing machines with long-arm quilting features as well as USB connectivity features. 

Even today, Janome prides itself as one of the best sewing machine manufacturers, as their intrinsic machines are incredibly user-friendly and offer the best performance. 

Janome Sewing Machine Review

The Janome HD3000 Review

The Janome HD3000 is a sewing machine that is versatile, tough and easy to use. This is because it has a solid build, is able to handle all of your heavy duty sewing needs and is still extremely easy and simple to use. It also offers a wide variety of features to suit all of your needs! Check out my full review below to see if the Janome HD3000 is the perfect sewing machine for you! 


  • Machine Style: Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
  • Best For: Home use
  • Number of Stitches: 18 Stitches
  • Skill Level: Suitable for beginners and experts
  • Dimensions: 10 x 19 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 18.7 lbs

My Favourite Features of The Janome HD3000

  • 18 Built-In Stitches: This offers you the perfect amount of stitches because it allows you accomplish every creative task you could ever think of but it also doesn’t give you too many options so that you don’t know where to begin. 

    • Zig Zag Stitch
    • Overedge Stitch
    • Tricot Stitch
    • Triple Strength Stitch
    • Outline Stretch Stitch
    • Rolled Hem Stitch
    • Blind Stitch Hemming
    • Decorative Satin Stitch
    • Stretch Stitch
    • Patch Work Stitch
    • Quilting Stitch
    • Pin Tucking Stitch
    • Fagoting Stitch
    • Shell Tuck Stitch
    • Applique Stitch
    • Outline Stretch Stitch
    • Buttonhole Stitch
    • Straight Stitch
  • Due to the wide variety of stitches which the Janome HD3000 offers, you’ll never be short of creative possibilities.
  • Adjustable Pressure Dial: This feature allows you to adjust the pressure of your stitches. It is all controlled through a dial which can be found under the top cover of the sewing machine, directly above the needle. This allows you to use a lighter pressure on thinner materials and a heavier pressure on thicker materials. This is to ensure that your thinner materials are protected but you’re still able to stitch easily through thick materials without a lot of effort. 
  • Free Arm: The free arm feature is always something to look out for in a sewing machine. This feature is what allows you to accomplish quilting using your sewing machine. All you need to do to access the free arm is just to slide off the storage compartment. The free arm also allows you to sew pants legs and shirt sleeves a lot easier too, due to the gap under the machine that the free arm offers.
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding: Many people dread using sewing machines because winding the bobbin can be very challenging and infuriating when you cannot get it right. This feature eliminates that issue so that you can focus on just creating and sewing. The Janome HD3000 automatic bobbin winding feature automatically winds the bobbin for you. Which means you get to save time. It is also jam-proof so you don’t have to worry about things getting stuck. 
  • Reverse Stitch Lever: We all make mistakes when stitching with a sewing machine and it can get rather infuriating. This messes up with our creative process. However, with this feature, that problem is no longer a problem. This is because just one of pull of this lever will rewind the clock on all your stitching mistakes. 
  • Reverse Stitch Lever: We all make mistakes when stitching with a sewing machine and it can get rather infuriating. This messes up with our creative process. However, with this feature, that problem is no longer a problem. This is because just one of pull of this lever will rewind the clock on all your stitching mistakes. 

The Presser Foot

The pressure of the foot presser is controlled by a dial that is found on the sewing machine. This dial allows you to select how much pressure you want the sewing machine to exert on the materials which you are working with.

The lower the number you select with the dial will correlate with less pressure applied. Of course, thinner materials should be worked on a lower dial setting and thicker materials will require you to turn the dial on a higher setting. The good news about the Janome HD3000 is you will be able to work with any sort of material with complete ease.

There are five different presser feet that come with this machine, which you can easily change to suit your purposes. All you need to do is snap them in, and it is really easy to do so. The different kinds of feet which arrive in the box includes:

Blind hem
Buttonhole foot
Rolled hem

Of course, each foot has different purposes and you'll definitely have one that suits your different needs.

The Foot Pedal

The foot pedal allows you to see just how much of a power machine the Janome HD3000 truly is. The pedal allows you to control the speed of your stitching. 

Due to the sewing machines variable speed motor, it is capable of working its magic on different kinds of material without the user having to do much work. This means that there's less hassle for you. The foot pedal is, of course, pressure sensitive but allows for the user to be completely in control. 

The Janome HD3000's foot pedal doesn't require users to step on it particularly hard to yield results. Of course, it will take time for you to get used to how it works, so that you can use your judgment and see how it works for yourself. 

For those who are working on a larger table, HD3000's cord can sometimes be slightly too short. The cord is 50 inches long but as long as you’re working at a decent height table, everything should be fine.

Ease of Use

The Janome HD3000 sewing machine is overall a hassle-free and easy-to-use sewing machine. This statement applies to both sewing beginners as well as experts.

Sure, this sewing machine is definitely comparable to commercial and industrial sewing machines. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be as complicated to use as an industrial sewing machine is.

The beauty and appeal of the Janome HD3000 is that it performs and has the functionality of an industrial sewing machine but it simultaneously has the simplicities of a sewing machine catered to home use.

This particular sewing machine has specific specifications which allow for this to be possible. For example, the Janome HD3000 allows you to easily control the pressure of the presser foot to allow you to work on many different types of material and because it also has a variable speed motor, you don’t have to stress about which setting you should use when you change which material you’re working with. The Janome HD3000 will handle that for you.

Additionally, due to the jam-proof bobbin feature at the top of the sewing machine. Feel free to let the Janome HD3000 easily handle the stress of the bobbin for you; so that you don’t have to. This means that you can focus more time on actually creating, instead of wasting your time on silly complications.

One downside of this sewing machine is that it isn’t exactly the lightest sewing machine – in terms of its weight. Some sewing machine users like to move their sewing machine around (change its position in the house or store it away when it is not in use). The Janome HD3000 is a little heavy so it may get difficult for the user to carry it around too many times.

Ease of Setup

The Janome HD3000 is designed to be easy for users to both set up and use. The user manual that comes with the sewing machine clearly set out all of the information you will ever need to successfully set up and use it.

The manual tells you every single detail about the sewing machine and it explicitly tells you how you should do everything. I can guarantee that you will not have any issues in terms of setting up the Janome HD300 as long as you refer to the user manual properly. By doing so, the set-up process should be quick and simple.

This sewing machine is definitely not specifically designed for portability. It’s also not advertised as a portable sewing machine. You can definitely lift it and move it around your house—it’s understandable that you would want to change your sewing location every once in a while—however it isn’t the lightest sewing machine so you shouldn’t move it around too frequently, as you may drop it and also hurt yourself from it.

The Janome HD3000 is a power machine, so it is understandable that it does take up quite a bit of space. It should be easy to tuck it into a cupboard or under the bed if you do not wish to leave it on a table when it is not in use.

Machine Durability

The Janome HD3000 was definitely built as not only an incredibly powerful sewing machine but also an incredibly sturdy one.

There is a reason why Janome is confident enough to claim that they believe this sewing machine will survive 25 years of use. In terms of transportation, you can definitely lift this sewing machine up and carry it around to change its location.

However, it is slightly heavy and you may hurt yourself if you end up dropping it during transportation. You should also definitely refrain from dropping this sewing machine as it will definitely break if it is dropped from a height.

The main body of this sewing machine is made out of metal so it can definitely handle everyday knocks and bumps, just not drops from heights. Some parts of the Janome HD3000 are indeed made out of plastic, but since a majority of it is made out of metal, this makes it sturdier but also heavier. The metal used is heavy-duty aluminium.

Machine Noise

Of course, it is virtually impossible for a sewing machine to absolutely make no noise at all, while you're using it.

However, the Janome HD3000 sewing machine can easily be categorised as a quiet sewing machine. It does make noise while it is producing the stitches but the noise is definitely comfortable to the ears.

The machine's noise can be described as a humming sound and it produces minimal noise, considering that it's such a powerful machine.

You can definitely use it at night without disrupting anybody's sleep and the noise it produces is definitely not loud enough to overpower the noise from your radio, television, laptop or phone. So, feel free to create and stay entertained, at the same time, without any trouble!

The Thread Tension

The Janome HD3000 definitely allows you to adjust the tension of your thread while you are sewing.

This is accomplished through the thread tension dial which can be found at the top of the sewing machine, once you lift the top cover up.

All you have to do is turn the dial to the number that you would like to adjust the tension of the thread too. It is relatively easy to understand how to use it. However, due to the fact that it is a thread tension dial, which is purely manual, it isn’t exactly accurate nor really easy to use. This is not due to the sewist’s level of skill but more so the fact that it is indeed a manual feature.

It would be a lot easier to adjust the tension of the thread to your exact taste if Janome had included an electronic element to accomplish this task.

An electronic screen would easily allow you to select your desired thread tension, however, it is quite difficult to turn the dial exactly to the specific tension that you want.

How Many Feet do you get?

  • Blind Stitch Hem
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Over-edge
  • Rolled Hem
  • Zipper

Overall, the Janome HD3000 comes with five different feet. All of these feet serve a different purpose and you are sure to have enough feet to suit any of your stitching needs. For example, the buttonhole foot is easy to attach onto the Janome HD3000 and it allows you to seamlessly incorporate buttonholes into whatever creation you are creating.

All of these feet that come out of the box are incredibly easy to install onto the Janome HD3000. All you have to do is snap them into place and it’s all ready to go!

The Janome Sewing Machine Warranty

This Janome HD3000 sewing machine obviously comes with a warranty - much like every other product produced by the Janome brand. Janome claims that the Janome HD3000 will stay fully functional and in great shape for up to 25 years.

The warranty duration is said to be 5 years - whereby, Janome will gladly replace the sewing machine parts free of charge. And the company also states that during the first year after purchase, Janome will gladly fix your sewing machine free of charge. However, after this, additional costs must be paid outside of this stated time period.

Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine User Manual

Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine Warranty

Pros & Cons Of the Janome HD3000



  • The free arm which allows you to quilt with the Janome HD3000
  • Comes with a variety of stitches to suit all of your creative needs – 18 Stitches
  • Jam-proof Bobbin System
  • Easy to choose your desired stitch
  • It is a sturdy and well constructed machine
  • Thread tension adjustment
  • The short cord on the foot pedal

My Overall Thoughts of The Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is ultimately stable, versatile and easy to use. It is particularly great for families who would like to use it for different things at different points in time. However, if you’re just one individual, it’s also great for sewing beginners as well as experts. The Janome HD3000 is bound to give you perfect and smooth stitching.

What makes the Janome HD3000 so great is its ease of use. You can easily rewind all your stitching mistakes with the reverse stitch lever and say ‘good-bye’ to bobbin issues. Not only does the Janome HD3000 wind it all up for you, but it even has a jam-proof feature so bobbin issues are no longer going to be a problem. This sewing machine also comes with a lot of accessories as well as many stitches for all your creative needs.

The Janome HD3000 is rather pricey, which can be negative. This high price is due to the heavy-duty aluminium metal that this product is made out of. But if you’re willing to pay the price for a quality product, there’s no reason to not purchase the Janome HD3000.

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