The Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Review

Brother Sewing Machine Review: The Brother CS6000i [September 2020]

Searching for the perfect sewing machine is no easy feat. Especially if you are new to the sewing world. In this sewing machine review, I break down the Brother CS6000i in hope to make it easier for you to figure out if this is the right machine for you. In this review, I am going to cover the general specifications of the Brother CS6000i, the top features, what I liked about it and even something I didn’t like so much. For those who are completely new to the sewing world, I have even broken down Brother as a brand to help you choose if Brother is the right sewing machine brand for you.

Brother Sewing Machine Logo

Brother Sewing Machines: A Background

Brother International Corporations is a US branch of the Japanese based Brother Industries Ltd. They have been in business since 1954 and work to serve the needs of homes and offices. Back in 2013, they were awarded “Consumer Digest Best Buy” for their sewing and embroidery machines. According to Amazon, the Brother CS6000i is actually one of their best sellers when it comes to computerized sewing machines. Their standard minimum warranty for Brother sewing machines is 25 years and stands as a testament to their dedication to those that use their machines.The company runs it’s own sewing blog called ‘Stitching Sewcial’ where they share tips with their readers along with DIY projects, and personal stories with anyone who is thinking about purchasing one of their products.The Brother company truly cares about their customers and wants to relate to them and help them with their sewing needs.

Brother Sewing Machine Review

The Brother CS6000i Review

The Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

With its assortment of stitch patterns and one-step buttonholes, you’re able to customize your crafts without having to hand stitch your favorite styles on to them. The CS6000i offers 60 different patterns to choose from. The machine will take your favorite stitches and styles and add them to your project when you choose your settings on the LCD control panel. The LCD control panel allows you to both find and choose your design right there on the machine.


  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches
  • One-Step Buttonholes: 7
  • Jam-Resistant: Yes
  • Automatic Needle Threader: Yes
  • Start/Stop Button: Yes
  • Made For: Advanced/pro user
  • Stitches Per Minute: 850
  • Stitch Patterns: 60
  • Hardcover Included: Yes
  • Wide Table: Yes
  • LCD Control Panel: Yes

My Favourite Features of The Brother CS6000i

  • Built-in Free Arm: With the Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine you have a built-in frame arm that allows your more intricate projects and crafts to be simpler and less stressful. The built-in free arm helps you make cuffs, hems, and sleeves with relative ease.  The free arm makes your machine more easily portable than machines without a free arm and makes creating sleeves and hems simply by allowing you to slip the fabric over it during the sewing process.
  • Wide Table: This model comes with a wide table that makes large projects and crafts, such as quilts, easier to manage. The table is not only large enough to handle your larger projects but sturdy enough to stand up to your heavier crafts. It’s great for projects such as costumes or thick curtains that may have heavier fabrics that you need to lay out and inspect as you work.
  • Automatic Threader: With the Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine there is an automatic threader that will ensure that your needle is threaded perfectly every time. One thing to note however is that the needles that come with this machine aren’t likely to handle leather well, so if you need to work with leather you may have got a more durable needle. This is perfect for when you don’t have time to sit and struggle with threading before you work on a quick project.
  • Speed Control: With this sewing machine you are able to easily control your speed and choose between three different speed settings. This particular feature may come in handy when your project requires straight seams and a slower pace for adding buttonholes or decorative touches. Having various speeds allows you to create your project as a pace that enables you to add the details and intricacies that you want without rushing through them or quickly make small and simple projects.
  • Customization: The Brother CS6000i is also enabled with 60 different built-in sewing stitches and 7 different styles of one-step buttonholes to allow you to add more customization to your crafts. You get 20 different decorative stitches, 20 regular stitches, 6 heirloom stitches, 7 quilting stitches, and 7 automatic buttonhole styles.

The Brother CS6000i Makes Sewing Machine Setup Easy

With the amount of computerized technology that has been put inside of this model, setup is extremely easy. If you start at the beginning with the threading capabilities you’ll notice that there is a diagram with numbers that tell you exactly what where you need to thread in each spot, making sure that even a beginner can thread the machine with no trouble.Once you’ve successfully threaded the machine you’ll move on to see the automatic needle threading system. This system allows you to hit a simple lever located on the side of the machine and let the machine take off. You won’t need to sit there struggling to thread the needle through the eye and poking your fingers for 15 minutes. Once you press the lever the threading is automatically done.You will also get a diagram with this machine that shows you exactly how to use the automatic bobbin winding systems.With the quick-set, top drop-in bobbin, you’ll be able to quickly eliminate the need to fish for your thread, which is something most are happy to eliminate.

Having The Ability to ‘Foot Free Sew’

When you want to do a more intricate or complicated patterns or designs you tend to need a bit more focus than you do with a more simple work. This means concentrating on moving your feet while you watch your sewing come to life can be a bit difficult. With this machine, you can engage the automatic sewing feature which will make it more simple for you by allowing you to move the fabric through the machine to make your design without having to use your feet at all.The CS6000i is also equipped with a start and stop button that can quickly stop your needle should you need to re-position or move your chosen pattern and just as easily start your needle back up to finish your project.Given that you no longer need to worry about moving your feet while sewing you can choose from any number of stitches. The Brother CS6000i sewing machine comes with 60 different stitches which include 7 auto-buttonhole styles. You can choose even the most difficult of patterns, stitches, and buttonholes all while knowing that they will come out looking perfect and beautiful due to the fact that you didn’t have to concentrate on the movement of your feet.  A one-step buttonhole feature is one sure way to ensure that you create functional and successful buttonholes with a minimum of fuss and issues. It’s important to have functional buttonholes that work well and with this machine, you won’t have to argue with them or find a workaround to make your buttonholes work.

Is The Brother CS6000i Easy to Use?

This Brother machine is a pretty easy one to use if you know what you are doing, it has plenty of features to ensure that.With its automatic threader, threading your needle is a piece of cake. After your needle is threaded you can press a lever on the side of the machine and it’ll do the work for you.There is also a feature to all you eliminate the need to fish your thread with a top-drop bobbin. Once you’ve done that you’re good to finish your project or even start a new one.

The Brother Sewing Machine Warranty

The Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine has a 25-year warranty from the original buy date for the machine itself and 1 year for the parts and accessory items. The warranty covers the machine and its accessories. It does not cover physical damage of any kind or damage caused by improper installations. For a complete description of what it does and does not cover you can take a look at their Warranty.

Pros & Cons Of the Brother CS6000i



  • Designed to be user-friendly
  • LCD display for easy selection and use
  • Customizable features such as buttonholes and stitches
  • Portable with a hard carrying case
  • Wide table for big projects
  • Fewer stitches than some makes and models
  • Steep learning curve

Overall Thoughts of The Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

The Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine has an adequate amount of customizable features built in, but not as many as some other computerized sewing machines on the market.This sewing machine should be used by a pro. It is a great option for anyone that is into quilting or making big projects. It is also a great option for those that want a variety of features but are wanting to stick to a lower budget.The LED screen helps to minimize strain on the eyes by making the stitch selection easier. The case makes it easily portable and being lightweight it’s great for anyone that likes to go to classes or sewing groups.

The Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Review

This model is under $200 making it a budget-friendly machine, not to mention it gives you a great deal when you take into account how many features it has to allow for personality on each of your creations.

4.8/5 Stars

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