How to make a Nerf gun holster

How To Make A Nerf Gun Bullet Holster [Jan 2020]

Nerf guns are something that will never die. They have been around since I was little and will still be here when my kids have kids. 

We all have memories of our brothers chasing us with a Nerf gun, staging wars with the other kids in the neighbourhood and even terrorizing the family pets (sorry Spot). 

Here is a a cool little project you can do with your kids to add a little personal flare to your kids (or your own) Nerf gun set. Here is ow to make a Nerf gun bullet holster! 

How To Sew A Nerf Gun Bullet Holster

For this I am using an old pair of jeans and some off cuts of material. The jean material ensures the holster is sturdy and I have used the material for a nice soft shoulder pad.

Step 1: Take measurements across your kids bodies  whee the holster is going to sit. I made mine so the kids could wear them like a sash.

 Step 2: Once you have the measurements cut a strip out of the jeans leg for each holster. I made mine 4 inches wide (seam allowance included).

Step 3: Iron the seam allowance edges on the inside.

Step 4: Fold in half, stitch the edges of each length with right sides together.

Step 5: Then turn the corners out so that the wrong sides are on the inside.

Step 6: Then line up the edges and stitch the opening closed. The result is a very neat looking belt. I also stitched velcro onto each end. 

Step 7: The next step is to add the loops that hold the bullets to the belt.  I have used plain black cotton tape for that since I already had it. Any ribbon or elastic would do the job too. I stitched the beginning of the roll of cotton tape to the end of the belt and then measured each space by positioning a bullet loosely and then pinning the cotton to the denim. The fitting should be loose enough for a bullet to be loaded quickly, but tight enough not to fall straight through. 

Step 8: Stitch the tape to the belt at each pin interval. Don’t cut the cotton tape from the roll before you’ve measured and pinned all the loops. When you’re happy with the amount of loops, cut the cotton tape, fold raw edge under and stitch in place.

I made loops across the entire length of the belt; the idea being that they can just pull the belt across to the front when they need more bullets. However, after a day of play, I can tell you that it wasn’t necessary as the kids completely forgot about that option and only reloaded the front of the belt! 

There you have it! YourNerf gun bullet holster! I hope the kids (or you) enjoy! 

Unfortunately this bullet holster does not come with an automatic bullet picker-upperer (im still trying to figure out something there).

Happy sewing everyone! 

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