How to make a pillow case

How To: Make a Pillowcase (No Skill Required) [September 2020]

You can never have to many pillowcases. That is a fact. As any mum across the country and she will agree with you. Buying them can get expensive and to be honest, they are not hard to make. Even better when you make your own you can choose better fabric, and really personalise them the way you want to.. not the way the shop has wanted them. This is a very basic method to making a pillowcase. I urge you to play with it and really customise it and put your own flare to it. Here is how to make a pillow case in 6 easy steps!

Pillows sitting on a made bed

How To Make A PillowcaseThe Step-By-Step Guide

To make this bandana headband you will need:

  • Seam tape
  • Your choice of thread
  • 50cm of fabric for the pillow case band
  • 150cm ribbon for the trim ( 2 – 4 cm wide)
  • 1 meter of your chosen fabric for the pillowcase body

Prep fabric first to make life much easier at sewing time:

  • Ribbon: Cut to 100cm
  • Pillow Case Fabric: 100 x 70 cm
  • Pillow Case Band Fabric: 100 x 30cm

To make the Bandana headband follow these 8 simple steps:

  • 1To start with get your pillow case band piece and fold it in half lengthwise. Make a fold and press to mark. Now pin the 100cm side of the pillow case band to the 100cm side of the pillow case fabric.
  • 2Now serge this seam to join the two pieces. (You want to serge the entire 100cm join)
  • 3Move your newly made seam to one side and get your seam tape ready. With your seam tape iron your 100cm ribbon onto the centre of the seam between your pillow case piece and your pillow case band.
  • 4As close as you can to the edge of the ribbon topstitch the entire length of the ribbon.
  • 5Fold the pillow case in half (so the inside is showing outside) and serge both sides and the bottom together.
  • 6Snip away any rouge thread and turn the pillow case out the right way and you are done!

Making these pillowcases is fun and really easy. This is a fantastic little project for school holidays or even after school with the kids in winter when it is too cold out to do activities outside. Did you make this pillowcase? Id love to see a photo of it below in the comments! Vickie

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