How to make a bandana headband

How To: Make A Bandana Headband (In Under 10 Minutes) [September 2020]

This is a super quick and easy life hack to create a stylish, unique bandana headband. Making this bandana headband doesn’t require a whole lot of materials, utensils or too much time or even skill. This is a fantastic crafternoon project for you and the kids on a rainy school holidays afternoon. The beauty of this little project is it is very easy to put personalised touches on. All you need is a hot glue gun and you can transform your standard headband into a real custom work of art. Right, enough of me waffling on, I know what you are here for. Here is how to make a DIY bandana headband in 8 easy to follow, fool proof steps.

Bandana Headband

How To Make A Bandana HeadbandThe Step-By-Step Guide

To make this bandana headband you will need:

  • A Bandana (or your choice of similar fabric around 22 x 22 inches)
  • 1 x sewing machine
  • 3 x pins
  • 1 x pair of Scissors
  • 1 x iron (not essential)

To make the Bandana headband follow these 8 simple steps:

  • 1Lay your bandana out flat on your work surface and iron it so its nice and flat and all the creases have been removed. Then simply fold it in half diagonally.
  • 2Now you need to decide how wide you want your headband to be, depending on your style and how you want to this can be anything from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. I find 2 inches is perfect!
  • 3Once you have decided how wide you want your headband fold accordingly and pin in place.
  • 4Sew a straight line along the entire inside side as parallel as you can to the fold line.
  • 5Remove any access thread or material with scissors.
  • 6With the seam on the bottom side, iron over to ensure your desired shape is kept.
  • 7Congratulations you have just made your first bandana headband!
  • 8Simply place your bandana around your head and tie as desired to suit your style!

See, that really wasn’t that hard was it? Now run wild with this and put your own personal flare on it! Maybe even make some for your best friends or family members? I would love to see your photos below of your finished headbands!Vickie

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